There is innate beauty within all of us. We all have the power to achieve greatness and our path to accomplishing this is enhanced by unconditional love, guidance and support. If you have had the pleasure of receiving this you know what a priceless gift it can be. If you have had the courage and joy of passing this gift on you understand it’s value. If you are a mother chances are you know this in your everyday life.

For years I have worked with clients in a traditional therapist/client relationship and I have watched them overcome and bloom beyond what they ever imagined once they were able to embrace how to be there for themselves, how to become their own internal mother. Clients have requested on many occasions the need for a more intimate relationship, one that isn’t constricted by the boundaries of the client/therapist relationship. They have expressed the wish for continued affirmation of who they are, that they are doing the right thing, making good choices, being the best they can be and assurance that stumbling is just part of the process.

So here it is! Our team is made of up… real life Moms. We offer different things to our clientele throughout the year; private life coaching sessions to help individuals, couples or families get back on track, dietetic consultations to learn how and what to eat for your health, your weight and/or promote positive brain health, we also offer workshops and programs to support life transitions and struggles we face in the daily grind.

Here is what Yourmomtourage is currently offering:

Mind and Food Over Mood

As we move into the holiday season give the best gift you can give to others around you, a more happy and healthy you. Take advantage of our package, it will will help you take back your life and put you in a better position to enhance the lives of those around you. You will have four sessions, two with Roz Hade, M.A., Life Coach and two with Heidi Verdi, M.S., Registered Dietitian to customize a plan to take you through the holiday season and get you on the right track for your year ahead! The program cost for the four session package is $350.00. Look out for coupons/groupon/advertisements for discounts.

Sign up by calling 860-672-5512 and please visit our websites

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